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Sunday, August 11, 2019

August 11, 2019

Increase Traffic to your website without SEO in 2019 - Quora | helppointhub

Increase Traffic to your website without SEO in 2019 - Quora | helppointhub

Increase Traffic to your website without SEO in 2019
Increase Traffic to your website without SEO

The mostly and highest search line is that how to increase traffic to webiste/blog. Nowadays its too hard  to increase traffic on site for newbie. there are many newbie create a blog but after says that traffic is not increasing. and i think almost many bloggers facing this problem nowadays. i know it is very difficult to every blogger that increase of traffic for site. but i know also that everything is very easy the fron of human.

so lets move on.! todays topic is that increase traffic to your site without SEO. yes without seo. i'll tell you the secret of traffic which help you can aslo increase traffic to your site. so you'll have noticed that everyone says their that SEO is more important to increase traffic to your site. and am sure that they are saying correct. the SEO is important to site traffic and ranking. but i cant say that seo is more important which one will give you traffic and ranking.

yes i can say proudly that seo is not main part/resaon of traffic. friends there are many ways to increase traffic easily to your site without seo. just you need to understand very well that what i am saying in this article. the newbie is waste more time to understand seo and getting rank in search engine. but they do wrong with self his strategy. so guys trust me its very easy to get traffic your site without so keep reading with carefully.

The Quora is Best External Platform to Increase traffic your site without SEO.

by the way there are some more platforms available to increase traffic. but Quora is the best one which will give you massive traffic for your site. there are aslo savailable to increase traffic for your site.



But i will recommend Quora. becuase the Quora is best and nowadays many active users have on Quora. 

How To use Quora For Traffic Increase?

1. Before first search on the google Quora and open it.

2. And then sign in with your google account on Quora.

3. after to create your account on Quora. now listen be carefully. you have to search Question's on quora related to your content blog.

Increase Traffic to your website without SEO in 2019

4. Now you've choose one question which is related your blogs article. and choose as like question which have to many answers and good up-voting.

Increase Traffic to your website without SEO in 2019

5. After to choose queston. click on the answer button. where you will see a box look like blogger new post.

Increase Traffic to your website without SEO in 2019

6. And Now go in your blog dashboard/all post and click edit on that article which is related to your Quora question.

7. After to open article for edit. then you've need just copy some important paragraph of your article minimum 160+ words.

Increase Traffic to your website without SEO in 2019

8. Now paste that article in the quora's answer box. and jumt to last word of article. and insert three Dot (.) and write read more in the last of three Dot... (.).

Increase Traffic to your website without SEO in 2019

9. And now you just copy your blog post article permalink. and after select read more words. after you will see the link button in the top side of the answer box. then click that button and paste your article permalink and save.

10. After you have to click submit button.

Now all Done..! your article will be post on quora. and now quora users will see your answers and after to read your answer they will click on the read more button to read whole article. when they will click on the read more button then they will be redirect to your site. which throw your site traffic will also increase.

I hope friends that you will understand easily that how to increase traffic by Quora. so if you like this article then share with all your friends and social medias. if you have any question to related this articel then please you can ask me throw given below in the comment box.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

August 10, 2019

Newsplus Blog Magazine Responsible Blogger Template Free Download 2019 | helppointhub

Newsplus Blog Magazine Responsible Blogger Template Free Download 2019 | helppointhub

Newsplus Blog Magazine Responsible Blogger Template

is the most simple and the very strongly megazine template with seo friendly  and responsible for blogger. in this theme you can customized with your self and it is packed with various customized widgets. it is pressed with different redone and allows to you tweaked the topic shading yourself. presently you can shading your topic as you require it! and as you want it. made with latest technologies and updated codes. 

it support bloggers newest sleeks commenting widget adn many more customization feature directly from your layout. it is minimal news magazine, and blog template, most appropriate for locales that convey news about, technology fashion , sport, travel, personal , entertainment. it is pressed with different gadgets and promotion prepared . chek more wonderful highlight of the Newsplus Blogger template.

Newsplus Blogger template Feature 

Technical features

Navigation dropdown menu
Additional menu
Ready stylish posts system
Page navigation
Subscribe box
Featured posts widgets
Two sorts of online networking catches (share and take after)
Related posts widget
Next and Previous posts widget
Blogger comment system
Button back to top

Free download to click below on the button.


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i hope guys this article has been very helpful for you. so if you like this one. then share all social media and with your friends. happy blogging 

Friday, August 9, 2019

August 09, 2019

What is Email Marketing easy guide : Definition +Examples | helppointhub

What is Email Marketing easy guide : Definition +Examples | helppointhub

What is Email Marketing easy guide : Definition +Examples
What is Email Marketing easy guide : Definition +Examples

Hey guy's , you must have heard about the different types of marketing in this digital generation. which nowadays comes in very much listening and use. friends, when you will heard about the email marketing then a question must have come in your mind that what is email marketing? and how to do this ? 

friends keeping this question in mind. today i will tell you that what is email marketing? and what are the benefits of email marketing?

What is Email Marketing?

basically if i say! the use of email marketing to promote product/service. But a better email marketing is definition is the use of email to develop relationship potential customer or clients. email marketing is one segment of internet marketing. which encompasses online marketing via website, social media, blog, etc. It is essentially the same as direct mail except that instead of sending mail through the postal service, messages are sent electronically via email.

this is the same as if the promotion of your product or service is spread in different place like a news paper.

below i will give you example to better understand.

EXAMPLE:- when you are visit anyone site, then you must have seen something written on that website like > 'subscribe to our blog' so when you are fill your email address in the box and click on subscribe button then your email was went their and after you got a message from that site something like > 'thanks for subscribe'

so friends, rather we explained with an example that what is Email Marketing? so let's move on.!

How to do Email Marketing?

i hope almost, you has understand that what is email marketing now you will learn that how to do this? email marketing is done by sending email. but there have terms and condition to do this work. guess what? all this is done on the large scale like sednng 10,000+ plus email in one time.

guys let i tell you that what is Email software and what is your email marketing?

Email Marketing Software :- this is a software that allows email to be sent to thousand of people at ones time. which is use much more companies,and this software name is MailChimp.

Email List :- This is list of many active user's email address. this list is used to send email people to their email address. 

one more thing is more important except email marketing software list email list. that one theme. Means whatever you send email to your client then how it will look design of that email theme. email design depends on which type of service or product you provide to your client. 

so guys there 3 most important thing to use email marketing. Email maketing software, email list, email theme. and you can also make sure with help of email marketing software, that how many emails we have to sent in one day or one week.

The benefits of email marketing.?

so guys there are many advantage to do email marketing. whatever it may be that email marketing brought more visitors to your online store, or comes good enough traffic on your site/blog. let guys below i will share with you all advantage one by one of email marketing.

1. Email marketing can be done very less money than traditional marketing. and this is more better than tradintional marketing.

2. you can easily fast promote your product in low time. you can share fast your product with much more peoples in low time.

3. you just have to need only laptop/computer to do email marketing. it means, you can do it with your budget.

4. In email marketing you can know all about of your audience. means, you can know easily whats the hobby of your clients, whats they want, what is age their, etc.

5. when will you email marketing then you van know that how many people come to your website by click through your email. and how many people buy anything from your online store. something like about you can know easily by email marketing.

guys there are too many advantage of email marketing. if you will go in this feild then you will know easily everything of this about.

so guys i hope as i did share with you about the email marketing that you understand easily. and if you like this then share with your friends and also share on the social medias. if you feel something wrong in this article then please tell me below in the comment box.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

July 04, 2019

Fill invalid activity appeal form for disable adsence account - 2019 [SOLUTION]

How to fill invalid activity form for disable adsence account - 2019 [SOLUTION]

How to fill invalid activity form for disable adsence account
How to fill invalid activity form for disable adsence account

Google adsence the most popular & easy way to earn money. to earn money from adsence their have need a website & youtube channel.
 once your website or youtube channel becomes monetize with adsence account. then you can earn money throw adsence. if you've an adsence account and you used, then definitely you might have had some trouble. you must have noticed, that will there have invalid activity or click. 

are you looking solution on the internet. that how could i stop invalid activity of my adsence account to avoid suspend or disable adsence account. then keep calm guy's. today i am going to fully expose that how could you avoid invalid click or activity.

what is invalid click in google adsence?

invalid click means fake clicks. which are on advertisement of adsence. the google adsence is catch easily of invalid clicks, and click is grow up out of limit. then your adsence account can be suspend or disable permanently. because google adsence have some policies,if someone need to click on ads then that click will valid. but there are many haters, which is out of limit click on ads. and that click will invalid violation of adsence.

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  2. Quality Do-Follow Instatnt Approval Commenting Sites List - 2019
  3. what is  SEO | how to do SEO easy guide for beginner blogger?

How to fill invalid activity appeal for disable adsence account?

if your adsence account also disable then click on here. Appeal form

In the form, they are some commen detail's which you can fill up. in the form where they will ask you about URL, in these your account have on youtube , admob, website. then you have to copy  paste URL link respectively disable account.

so rest question and answers are already in this article,so just copy and the paste answer on there.

Q.No.1 :- How do users get to your site, mobile app, or youtube cannel? how do you promote your content?*

Ans:- users reachesn to my content via gogle search engine include google, bing  or youtube channel , other youtube features. some traffic reaches social and also include facebook. twitter.

Q.No.2 :- Have you or your site, mobile app, or youtube channel ever violated the adsence programe policies or terms and condition. if so how?*

Ans:- have not had any invalid click activity before this. these violation also dou to my mistakes, and happened unknowingly and dou to negligence. i don't know unknowingly.

Q.No.3 :- what was the reason for invalid activity on your site, mobile app, or youtube channel. please provide details information about all specification reason that you believe to be relevant in your case?*

Ans:-  from my points of view the main reason for my account revoked might be " the my competitor might have done some invalid activities or there might be some people who don't have proper knowledge on how to use the app. this might be the reason for deactivation my account.

Q. No.4 :- what change will you implement to help improve ad traffic quality on your site, mobile app, or youtube channel? when answering, please refer to our suggestion on How to prevent invalid activities? *

Ans:- first of all, i really apologize for any invalid activity and condemn like these activities and also for those mistakes which happen by unknowingly and my negligence. further now,i assure adsence to be genuine adSence partner. i started using adsence partnership about a month ago and tried my best to do valid activities. if my adsence is restarted then i will do everything according to adsence policies and try to get away from any invalid activities which violate terms and condition.

Q.No.5 :- please include any data from your site, mobile app, or youtube channel traffic logs and report that indicate suspicious IP address, referrers, or request, which could explain invalid activities.*

Ans:- Dear google, this is a first time that my google account is disable dou to invalid click activity, i could not record my suspicious , traffic logs & reports. i also apologize again for this negligence too. As must as i know my site or adsence i have mentioned. i only appeal to ignore any server and lite activity to my account and give me first and last chance to do wrok properly on my adsence account. i accept my mistake which have my unknowingly and my negligence.

so guy's you can easily give these all question's answer which i share you above in the article. if you face any problem then tell below in the comment box, thank You. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

June 26, 2019

5 Best SEO friendly + google AMP blogger template in 2019 - helppointhub

5  Best SEO friendly + google AMP blogger template in 2019 - helppointhub

5  Best SEO friendly + google AMP blogger template in 2019
5  Best SEO friendly + google AMP blogger template in 2019

hey guy's if you have blog then i suppose that you have an amazing theme/ template with an adsense  friendly, where are you share about SEO & blogging related tips. then really your content will be attract to comes visitors on their site.

so if you have a contentful blog and you want to run your blog dou to 2g speed, then you have to use google AMP. which is  moreimportant to your blog seo , and it is also increase your traffic easily , so today i will share with you like 5 google amp blogger template + seo friendly.
but what if your blog is take time to open maximum 10-15 sec. then it is not good to your blog. when someone will opened your blog/article from search result. and they will see that, your blog is taking time to open from 10-15 sec. then they will press the back button and visit another blog, which will be open smoothly. so that, your blog 99% chance to lost traffic. 

if you're looking on the internet to AMP blogger template, and how to use it? , where can i get amp blogger template? i know that if you a newbie then you have kind more question related to this. so that keep learning this article below you'll get know.

what is AMP?

The full meanings of AMP is accelerated Mobile Pages. which is a kind frameworks or new project by google, as launched few time ago , that allow your blog to load smoothly and fast in mobile device. despite the internet running slow, if AMP is enable in your blog, then you will be able to quickly open the site in mobile device. so that AMP template help blogs owner to give their user the best experience possible on mobile device. so if you have an AMP template, then your visitors won't have to wait for pages to get load.

AMP does not load any useless code, when you're try to open a blog. it does unseen extra coded to loading time of pages. so page is load faster. In this situation only those things are opened, as like article and adsene advertise. 

of you did noticed then you'll see that there have a sign of electricity before the permalink of blog. so this sign is considered as the logo of AMP.

If it is show in any site before tIhe permalink, then we'll get know this site is used an AMP template to get load fast.

lets get start..!

here 5  Best SEO friendly + google AMP blogger template in 2019

Here i'll provide you best AMP blogger template. 

1. Infinite

infinite Accelerated Mobile Friendly is a free template and takes the 1st place in the amp blogger template. which is the first and foremost amp blogsptot created by theme arnlinadzn. infinite AMP Blogger  shared for free.
  1. SEO friendly
  2. user friendly
  3. Responsive
  4. Dynamic and footer
  5. google testing tool validator
  6. Breadcrumbs
  7. social share button
  8. valid
  9. high CTR
  10. menu navigation
  11. search box
  12. short codes
  13. footer menu
  14. 2 column
  15. related post
  16. subscription widget
to download this AMP template then click here Infinite AMP blogger temlate

2. Blanterde

A blanterde is fully responsive template created by IDblanter. its two column design and also suitable for personal website. it have trendy look and cover feature like.

  1. Dynamic and footer
  2. Responsive
  3. ultra fast loading
  4. google testing tool validator
  5. Breadcrumbs
  6. social share button
  7. valid
  8. high CTR
  9. menu navigation
  10. search box
  11. short codes
  12. footer menu
  13. 2 column
To download this template click here Blanterde AMP blogger template

3. Vletters

Vletters AMP template is an accelerated mobile pages (AMP) ready template for google bloggers. its a minimal stylish design, your website with load in just few sec. with this highly optimized for your template blogger blog.
just download it for free.
  1. SEO friendly
  2. user friendly
  3. Responsive
  4. Dynamic and footer
  5. google testing tool validator
  6. Breadcrumbs
  7. social share button
  8. valid
  9. high CTR
  10. menu navigation
  11. search box
  12. short codes
  13. footer menu
  14. 2 column
  15. related post
  16. subscription widget
To download this AMP template click here vletteres AMP blogger template

4. Infinite JLB

Infinite JLB is work inspired by also infinite AMP. the main advantage of this template is optimization in the meta section to make it more seo-friendly. In addition, flat-UI color design becomes more attractive. and there several additional feature and design. and of course very different from infinite AMP works idntheme.

  1. Valid AMP
  2. Beautiful and easy navigation
  3. suppose discuss comment
  4. image watermark
  5. Canonical AMP page
  6. etc. 
To download this template click here infinite JLB AMP blogger Template

5. The AMP

the AMP is a blogger template which is clean looks. Recently, this is most used AMP blogger template on the internet. it's very fast loading.
  1. adsense ready
  2. highly SEO optimized
  3. discuss comment box
  4. social button
  5. popular post widgets
To download this AMP template click here AMP blogger template

i hope you liked this article. if yes then feel free to share on all social medias. and stay connected with us for more article. i will meet you with fresh content. till then loving you.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

June 23, 2019

Quality DoFollow Instatnt Approval Commenting Sites List - 2019 | helppointhub

Quality Do-Follow Instatnt Approval Commenting Sites List - 2019

Are you looking for the instant apporval commenting site on the internet? No worries..!
Quality DoFollow Instatnt Approval Commenting Sites List - 2019 

when you searched on the internet to instant approval commenting sites list, then many result will show their on the top of page. when you open those articles to find list of instant approval sites, then every site have same list of instant approval sites. and these site does not accept your comment instantly. your comment is moderation by admin.

if your comment is not like spam only, then your comment will approved. so that, i decided my personal do follow commenting approval sites list.  so i have done it.

when newbie is create a blog, and they are spend more time to post article their on the own blog. and after to publish their 50-60 article, and when they see their article results are so far behind in the searched of google. that's it..

the biggest mistake of newbie that their have not quality do follow backlinks to getting ranking in google. if your site is good and your content is uniqued, & there are some quality bakclinks, then definitely your article will soon begin to rank in the search result of google.

What is blog commenting?

If we define blog commenting, then its a relationship with between blogs and blogger readers!

when we are comment on a blog. then blogger is realize, that how much people are liking their article and giving lots of suggestion, whereby blog looksi more attractive. & this is leads to traffic increment on the blog.

if there have a good amount of comment on a blog then,thta particular article will more engaging and google bots will rank your article in search result of pages. so that,commenting is a good way to getting back-links for your blogs.

Types of Back-links?

this is also a highest asked question. sometime newbie is don't know that how many types of back-links. so let me tell you, thta backlinks are two types.

1. No Follow back-links

2. Do Follow Bakc-links

No-Follow back-links:- when a blog links with another blog/site and their have not no follow tag, then lunk juice is not passing.  No-follow backlinks is not useful because, it does not contribute anything. generally a web-master use no-follow tag then, when it is link out from any unreliable site.

Eg:- like, comment on other blog from links.

In your blog does not any link juice from no-follow backlinks.
and your blog does not have seo ranking influence from no follow backlinks. it does not have mean that, you have to create only do follow backlinks. exception no follow backlnks. 

Friends we are know that, do follow backlinks best for seo. but you cant ignore completely no follow backinks. and if you'll ignore no follow backlinks then you'll lost your seo ranking. so you would have to create also no follow backlinks dou to do follow backlinks. see below no follow back-links example.
eg:- <a href=””rel=”No Follow”>Link Text</a>

Do-follow back-links:- Do follow back-links is a permanently backlinks, and do follow backlinks is stay connected minimum to minimum till one year with your blog. In order to do follow backlinks under , web submission , 2.0 directory, article submission , do follow comments.

Do follow backlinks is that, which by visitors come from another website. they called do follow backlinks. so that, do follow backlinks is more important to gives your website good ranking. so guy's below i'll provide you list of instant approval do follow commenting site. which is good sites, to getting quality back-links, and these sites give you instantly do follow backlinks. 

To show list of do-follow commenting site then click here.  Quality DoFollow Instatnt Approval Commenting Sites List - 2019

so friends if you think that in this post have missed anything then you can share your thoughts below in the comment box. and if you like then share with your friends and social medias. happy blogging.