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Sunday, May 12, 2019

5 Best Ways to Make Money Online in India 2019 : Helppointhub

Best Ways to Make Money Online in India 2019

Best Ways to Make Money Online

You're here because you want to learn that how to make money Online.

Maybe you want create a different and brightness future so you're looking to replace your current job. & you want to earn money online with you talent. As you can do easily. here i will give you many ways to make money online.

whatever your reason. But Internet has creative many ways to earn money online. However - Make money online is lucrative. but it;s not easy. because there are too many scams & ineffective methods out there.

But the Aim of this post is sharing to avoid scams & fate ways.!

Here you will find 5+ best ways to make money online. that you can do actually work. but its depend your talent. which you're keep interest to do. As i will share you below. well, yes this ways will help actual India's youth.

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  • 5 Best Ways to Make Money Online in India 2019

One of the longest-ruining to make money online is through blogging. well yes. Making money online in this field have No.1 ways come. yups. blogging is a very simple and lucrative ways. as below you'll know.

1. Make money with awesome Blog/Site.

Many people started a blog as a way to express their views or as a creative talent.
but there many cases of bogger not only earning from living their on blogs.

Not every blogger is hits these figure. but if you take the right approach then you have golden chance to earn money with your blogs.
with a blog. its important to stay connect with long vision to make money right away. but its depend your writing talent, sharing hobby, & your skill improves, then your site pickup more traffic. after it way'll too easy earn money.

if your goal is to start a blogs. then i am sharing you some tips as you have to keep in your mind.
how to make blogger blogs free? learn this.

  1. Do research & choose a strong and evergreen topic like : health tips, relationship, & persnol growth.
  2. always try to make more creative and unique content to the best you given topic.
  3. always try to Learn about seo to rank your site/blog in engine. 
  4. live connect with populer blogger. network with other influencer's in your space.

if you will do your best & stay connect with your goal. then, the above tips will help you going on right direction. once you have contentfull blog. that gets a large volume of traffic. then you will got many opportunities to monetize your site. and earn more.

  1. Paid advertisement
  2. selling your own product courses.
  3. selling your affiliate product.
  4. and much more.!

2. Freelancing.

The Freelancing is also part of earn/make money online. the is real meaning of freelancing that who want do freedom work with his talent. and make beautiful life yourself. In this field. You have to do work on project as your client hire to which job.

if you have talent in this feild then you can make a incredible career. in this field only you have to choose your perfect experience work. as you can do easily & perfectly. so your client/costumer will stay connected with you to future hire. because in this field you have to make a awesome market with your boss/client.

if your goal is to start a freelancing work that makes money. then below i'll given you some tips as you have keep in your mind.

  1. select your favorite's work in which you have perfect experience to do.
  2. always try to best in your creativities to make smile your client.
  3. stay connected with your work & always trying best. or hard-work.
  4. Make a beautiful profile because when costumer will hire you. then they will chek your profile detailes.

once you have to an authoritative profile. the above tips willl you to going on in the right direction. so keep follow.
below i will suggest you some freelancing website where you can find a good job.

  1. fiverr
  2. upwork
  3. guru
  4. freelancer

visite your best. i'll not recomend you.!

3. Youtube [ start a youtube channel ]

youtube is the worlds largest search engine. but instead to search website, people are looking for entertain, fun, informative videos.

you can think building a youtube channel in a similar fashion creating a website. except you're creating videos. not writing content for site.

if you feel comfortable in front of the camera. and you have confidence that you can do it. & you want try your luck in creating videos. then  you'll need to figure out what your channel about. i tell you. there are two type youtube channel ( that are succesfull at least ).

  1. Entertaining content :- this style includes things like a web series, comedy videos, prank videos, gaming learn, anda  lot more.
  2. Learning Content :- this style include many types of thing, and in this style is more geared towards, like 'How to' phrase. Eg:- 'how to do seo' & 'how to cuck fry rice'. if you have useful skill or information. as you want to share through by videos. then this is a solid option for you.

once you have to decide that what kind of channel you're going on start, then it's time to reatig videos. first you will need to create a youtube channel and put the name as a match with your useful skill. then keep the following tips in your mind.

  1. Try to shoot videos with high-quality camera.
  2. experiment with different style, format, editing techniques until you got a better result.
  3. optimize your video with titke, description's, a unique thumbnail to get click people.
  4. create a fix timeing/schedule, that your subscribers know when you releasing your videos.

4. Affiliate Marketing.

promoting product can be a greate way revenue. if you have a  successful blog/own site. great then this is a solid way to make money online. just you have promp. other compnies or affiliate product by your blog. how to earn money amazone affiliate marketing learn this

because affiliate programing site want to promotes us product through your blog/site visititors. but it can possible when you have a successful blog. and you got many traffic.

below i will suggest you some affliate platfrom which you can choose showing them product on your blogs and earn money.

  1. Amazone Affiliate
  2. Affiliate Flipkart
  3. E-bay Affiliate
As you like you can use. i will recomend you.!

5. Sell stock [ photos & footage ]


if you love photography. and you love take photo and recording footage. then you make money by this passion.

there're too many tons of site which allow to uploade your stock photo/footage. these site have huge users bases. and when someone license your get paid.

below i will includes the biggest stock photography website:-

  1. shutterstock
  2. istockphoto
  3. fotolia
if you are videographer then chek below some of the top site are:-
  1. videohive
  2. pond5
  3. videoblocks
  4. dissolve

when you will be create your stock portfolio, spend time with these site. then you can make own niche and uploaded related niche topic pictures/photo. the larger your portfolio the greater your chance of success.

beyond making money with your photos and videos. use these sites can help you to build a fanbase for your work as well.

if there are any additional ways to earn money online. we did'nt mention then please share any approaches, you have applied in the comment box below.

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