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Saturday, May 25, 2019

2 easy methods to unblock yourself form whatsapp : if someone blocked you? | helppointhub

How to unblock yourself form whatsapp : if someone blocked you?
How to unblock yourself form whatsapp

what's fuck :: when someone is blocked you on whatsapp then definitely you're found a methods to unblock from whatsapp.

but its too good feature on whatsapp to block someone. because it can help you to avoid fraud person. like if someone is harm you or blackmail on whatsapp. then what will you do. you have the only on one option to block that guy. amd save you by yourself.

it has fabulous feature to block someone on whatsapp but i think many people have don't like the worst feature of whatsapp as a block option. when a user block us on whatsapp then we cant send message him and we cant talk with him even. on whatsapp.

unblocking is a not a simple task because once you're block by someone. that's why today i am sharing 2 methods with you which can help you to unblock on whtasapp by yourself. the first methods is easy an my favorites.

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The first methods : Unblock yourself by create a group.

01. Before first you have talk with your mutual friends on whatsapp. and request him to create a group. but in one condition in which group add only three person you and your friends and that person who blocked you.

02. when your friends completely create group. then say your friend that exit from that group.

03. Now you can talk with him/her. who blocked you.

The second methods : unblock yourself by deleting your account.

i know'' now you're thought that its method is not working in the new version of whastapp. but don't worry here have solution. below you will get a solution to fix this problem.

01. Before first you have to do this. that delete your primary whatsapp account. 

02. In the next step. you have to install parallel space multi account by playstore. and open this.

03. Now after to open parallel application. you have to clone whatsapp in parallel app. and run whatsapp.

04. After to open whatsapp verify with your phone number. and jump in the whatsapp without restoring your backup whatsapp data.

congratulation now all done..!

after to do this, you'll get unblock by which person is blocked you before. and yes you can do it only with multi account application. if you tried to use this trick in your primary whatsapp. then sorry you'went wrong. so pls do it careful. 

i hope guys you liked this post and useful. so you feel useful this trick then share on social medias. & share with also your friends. thank you.

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