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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Learn How to remove whatsapp permanently/temporarily banned in 2019? [ solution ] - helppointhub

Learn How to remove whatapp permanently/temporarily banned in 2019? [ solution ] - helppointhub
How to remove whatsapp temporarily banned

if you're here that 100% you are finding a solution that how to remove whatsapp bann? i know you are feel to angrily but you have know first all about this. if you are facing this problem the you have stopped everything and find a better solution on google & youtube to fix this problem but there are no methods is work correctly.

hey dear ' you to have the same problem then don't worry  i am here to give your it integration solve. in this article. you can willing to know about your mistakes and made resulting whatsapp banned. lets know everything clearly.

why your whatsapp number in banned permanently?

the whatsapp is an one way to send instant message app. which used by millions of people today. but nowadays people have many chances to misuse with it. if they suspect your account. then you thought why? but you don't know.? that you was doing something went wrong with them violation terms and condition. so after you will get temporarily or permanently banned screen. there are specific reason until you violate in following WhatsApp strike.

Below i'll provide you your first mistake as you did? here are some reason which maybe got banned. read carefully

  1. i think you did send Bulk Message to unsaved contact.
  2. if you're sharing sites URL & links for multiple conversation at one time.
  3. created a adult-porn related group/broadcasting. & and receiving many messages from unknown numbers.
  4. if you're get block by many numbers on whatsapp.
  5. uploaded abusing content on status which is violation of terms & condition.
above things if you do? then maybe you can get ban whatsapp for 72 hour or 24 hour ban. because nowadays i heard '' my whatsapp is ban for 72 hour like this type '' but after time ups automatically recover your account. 

so if you want avoid to get ban on whatsapp. so you've must follow whatsapp rules & regulation without violating any terms and condition as whatsapp is apply for his users. for violate small rule that the account will be ban only for a limited period of time. which will be punished you first. then it will be recover after completion of the stipulated time.

How to remove whatsapp temporarily banned.?

1. Before first you will be to wait to times up. As is showing on your whatsapp. like this.

2. After to recovered your account. go to whatsapp settings>account>delete your account. and Uninstall your whatsapp apk. and after go in the file manager and delete whatsapp folder.

3. Now install new whatsapp apk through playstore.

Caution:- Don't install third party whatsapp application like GB/+ apk.!

4. After to install new apk. and verify with your number.

Congratulation now your whatsapp is safe. and you can use fully freedom. 

How to remove whatsapp permanently/ banned?

1. Before first you have uninstall your existing whatsapp. and install new whatsapp from playstore.

2. After you have to enter phone number and clikc on the Next button.

3. when you will click on the next button then you will see the screen. look below pictures.

4. after you've click on support option.

5. next you'll see contact support form screen. there have write your problem and don't forget to enter number in form box. upload a screen shot as show you displayed before.

6. after choose '' this does not answer my problem. and send a support email using.

Now all done.! after 24 hour or within one day. chek your email inbox. there you will get a whatsapp reply.

follow all above steps be carefully. i hope within 48 hour your whatsapp get will be back.

Conclusion :- please after to recovered your whatsapp don't use third party whatsapp like GBwhatsapp +whatsapp etc. if you you're used then you can get again banned. so don't use. however you can use any whatsapp after 1/2 month later.

so guys i hope you have been easily understand this article. and easy guide you. you seems any mistakes and facing problem then you can tell me below in the comment box.

happy blogging thankyou.


  1. I want deleted msgs from other what shall I do

    1. You can do this through delete from everyone option

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