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Saturday, June 22, 2019

what is SEO | how to do SEO easy guide for beginner blogger | helppointhub

what is  SEO | how to do SEO easy guide for beginner blogger?

The most popular and highest asked question is SEO ? today we're going highlight some of the most important best practices and pieces of SEO advice to help you get started today.

what is  SEO | how to do SEO easy guide for beginner blogger

if you are newbie for seo, or if you've done little bit of it before. in the past. you did already do it but you did not get fix result of your struggle. then definitly you was missed some part or important point of SEO. tha why i am today guide you completely about of SEO. that what is  SEO | how to do SEO easy guide for beginner blogger?

so learn from till end be carefully because i am going to exact mental model you need to be successful in search engine optimization. so lets get going.

What is SEO?

This is the most important question nowadays for newbie.which guy don't know that What is SEO? The seo full meaning of search engine optimization which is very easy to act gain traffic from search engine. its depended you, whom you want to do for any your digital own assets. 

so commonly the most assets is website/blog. but don't forget, i am sharing with you completely about of SEO. which could help you any digital assets for acquiring traffic from search engine.

for a blog/site then most popular platfrom google search engine which is help you to rank your blog website/article. the google is show you those links in the search result,whic have a good content.

because those content have a more authority from small and bad content.

the authority meaning is that how many pages added in top pages links. as much as pages will add from thereby, so much authority will also of there page. and this is a main work of seo. that increase visibility of any brand, whereby that brand is easily get well xposure, along with article is rank in top SERp. whereby more visitors come near by that.

How to know search engine. which page to be ranked?

the search engine have only one purpose. their purpose is to give users best answer to their question. when you used them, their algorithms is select only that pages, which have a more relevant from your questions. and after they is ranked of that pages and show in the top of smiler searches on the display.

the search engine is more analyze of two things for user to select correct information.

1. what is relevancy between search query and content of page.

2.  And how much authority of page.

the search engine access these for relevancy from other factors

Eg:- Topic or Keyword

the authority of measured at the same time. the google is an estimate from popularity of a website. how many will resource or pages on the internet, there will have also more good content to readers. 

to the analyze of all things at the same time, they are used of search engine complex equation. which is called search algorithms.

the search engine always want to keep secret of their algorithms. but SEOs had known already like some subject in the ranking factors along with time. whereby you can rank any page in the search engine.

these tips called also seo strategy.which you can use to rank your article.

How many type of seo?

well there are many types of seo. but in which most important is third type only. alternative you can> On-page optimization , off-page optimization.

1. On Page SEO

2. Off Page SEO
3. Technical SEO

On-page optimization

Focus on your page to these types of optimization. this optimization is completely in the control Us. &here have you to do something like. Eg:- (a) high quality keyword, and rich content. (B) HTML optimization, title tags, meta description etc.

Of-page optimization

this optimization done outside of the page. there are some thing in it. for example back-links, page rank, bounce rate etc.

Technical SEO

This is called of these factors. which is impact on the technical aspect of website. Eg:- page loaded speed, navigable sitemap, AMP mobile screen display, etc. it is very important to optimize very well. because this is impact of your page ranking.

How to do On-page SEO?

This is called of these factors. which is added to your website elements. there are some thing in on-page factors> Eg:- Code quality, textual, visual content, user friendly site.

so lets go to know some on-page techniques.

1. Meta Title - this is describe your website to help of primary keywords. it had between 55-60 characters. because it could hide in the google search if it is more of limitation characters.

2. Meta description - it is help in define of website. every page had unique meta description of website.  which is help of site-link to automatically show there in the SERPs.

3. Image alt Tags - there are image in every website. but google does not understand them. so we have to provide an alternative text dou to image. whereby search engine could also understand to easily.

4. Header Text - it is very important. together, they have big contribution to categorize the entire page.

5. Site-map - the site-map used to crawl in website pages. whereby google spider can easily crawl your page and index them.there have many different of site-map. Eg:- sitemap.xml ,sitemap.html , ror.xml , news sitemap, image sitemap, video sitemap, urllist.txt etc.

6. Robot.txt -  it is very important to index your website in google. websites that contain robot.txt  are index soon.

7. interlinking - it is also important to easily navigate your website dou to pages.

8. Anchor text - Both your anchor text and url should must match each other to rank your easily.

9. URL structure - your website url should be fine along with it should also be seo friendly, whereby rank them easily. together every url should be targeted keyword. it means that your url should be match with your website.

10. Mobile friendly - try to make seo friendly your website. because nowadays everyone used mobile to use internet.

How to do off-page seo?

on the other hand, off-page seo. such as links from other website, attention of social medias and other marketing activities, which are different from your website. in this you have to give more than solution of quality backlinks, so that you can increase authority of your website.

one thing you have to understand here, that the link building is not meaning of off-page seo. rather this also focused on fresh content.
the more and better content you will provide your viewers. the more google will like your website.

1. Content - if your website contain more fresh content. then it will more allow to crawl your website always, for fresh content. along with your website content should be meaningful. whereby it can provide correct value of your target audience.

2. Keyword - choosing the right keyword is very important to rank in SERPs, and you should be optimize your content to these keyword. so that keyword stuffing is not threat and your article are all rank easily.

3. Long tail - when we discus on keyword. then how can we forget of long tail keyword. because its hard to rank on short keyword. so in this place you can use long tail keyword to rank theme easily.

4. LSI - lsi are those keyword? which is too similar from main keyword. if so that you will used to these lsi keyword, then

5. Broken links - these links should be thrown far as possible. otherwise it provides you bad impression

6. Guest blogging - this is too good way to create do follow back-links. this allow to both bloggers to get profit.

7. Infographics - you can show content visually of your viewers by this, which makes them more understandable, togehter they can also share them.


so i hope that you may have to liked this post, how to do seo? so i'am always try to provide you completely about of seo. whereby they do not need to find this context of that article on any other site or internet.

it will also save their time, and which will get all information at here. if you have any question/doubt with this article, if you want to fixed anything in this article, then tell me below in the comment box.

so if you like this article then please share to all social media account and also share with you friends. thank you for reading.
Happy Blogging


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