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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Fill invalid activity appeal form for disable adsence account - 2019 [SOLUTION]

How to fill invalid activity form for disable adsence account - 2019 [SOLUTION]

How to fill invalid activity form for disable adsence account
How to fill invalid activity form for disable adsence account

Google adsence the most popular & easy way to earn money. to earn money from adsence their have need a website & youtube channel.
 once your website or youtube channel becomes monetize with adsence account. then you can earn money throw adsence. if you've an adsence account and you used, then definitely you might have had some trouble. you must have noticed, that will there have invalid activity or click. 

are you looking solution on the internet. that how could i stop invalid activity of my adsence account to avoid suspend or disable adsence account. then keep calm guy's. today i am going to fully expose that how could you avoid invalid click or activity.

what is invalid click in google adsence?

invalid click means fake clicks. which are on advertisement of adsence. the google adsence is catch easily of invalid clicks, and click is grow up out of limit. then your adsence account can be suspend or disable permanently. because google adsence have some policies,if someone need to click on ads then that click will valid. but there are many haters, which is out of limit click on ads. and that click will invalid violation of adsence.

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How to fill invalid activity appeal for disable adsence account?

if your adsence account also disable then click on here. Appeal form

In the form, they are some commen detail's which you can fill up. in the form where they will ask you about URL, in these your account have on youtube , admob, website. then you have to copy  paste URL link respectively disable account.

so rest question and answers are already in this article,so just copy and the paste answer on there.

Q.No.1 :- How do users get to your site, mobile app, or youtube cannel? how do you promote your content?*

Ans:- users reachesn to my content via gogle search engine include google, bing  or youtube channel , other youtube features. some traffic reaches social and also include facebook. twitter.

Q.No.2 :- Have you or your site, mobile app, or youtube channel ever violated the adsence programe policies or terms and condition. if so how?*

Ans:- have not had any invalid click activity before this. these violation also dou to my mistakes, and happened unknowingly and dou to negligence. i don't know unknowingly.

Q.No.3 :- what was the reason for invalid activity on your site, mobile app, or youtube channel. please provide details information about all specification reason that you believe to be relevant in your case?*

Ans:-  from my points of view the main reason for my account revoked might be " the my competitor might have done some invalid activities or there might be some people who don't have proper knowledge on how to use the app. this might be the reason for deactivation my account.

Q. No.4 :- what change will you implement to help improve ad traffic quality on your site, mobile app, or youtube channel? when answering, please refer to our suggestion on How to prevent invalid activities? *

Ans:- first of all, i really apologize for any invalid activity and condemn like these activities and also for those mistakes which happen by unknowingly and my negligence. further now,i assure adsence to be genuine adSence partner. i started using adsence partnership about a month ago and tried my best to do valid activities. if my adsence is restarted then i will do everything according to adsence policies and try to get away from any invalid activities which violate terms and condition.

Q.No.5 :- please include any data from your site, mobile app, or youtube channel traffic logs and report that indicate suspicious IP address, referrers, or request, which could explain invalid activities.*

Ans:- Dear google, this is a first time that my google account is disable dou to invalid click activity, i could not record my suspicious , traffic logs & reports. i also apologize again for this negligence too. As must as i know my site or adsence i have mentioned. i only appeal to ignore any server and lite activity to my account and give me first and last chance to do wrok properly on my adsence account. i accept my mistake which have my unknowingly and my negligence.

so guy's you can easily give these all question's answer which i share you above in the article. if you face any problem then tell below in the comment box, thank You. 

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