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Friday, August 9, 2019

What is Email Marketing easy guide : Definition +Examples | helppointhub

What is Email Marketing easy guide : Definition +Examples | helppointhub

What is Email Marketing easy guide : Definition +Examples
What is Email Marketing easy guide : Definition +Examples

Hey guy's , you must have heard about the different types of marketing in this digital generation. which nowadays comes in very much listening and use. friends, when you will heard about the email marketing then a question must have come in your mind that what is email marketing? and how to do this ? 

friends keeping this question in mind. today i will tell you that what is email marketing? and what are the benefits of email marketing?

What is Email Marketing?

basically if i say! the use of email marketing to promote product/service. But a better email marketing is definition is the use of email to develop relationship potential customer or clients. email marketing is one segment of internet marketing. which encompasses online marketing via website, social media, blog, etc. It is essentially the same as direct mail except that instead of sending mail through the postal service, messages are sent electronically via email.

this is the same as if the promotion of your product or service is spread in different place like a news paper.

below i will give you example to better understand.

EXAMPLE:- when you are visit anyone site, then you must have seen something written on that website like > 'subscribe to our blog' so when you are fill your email address in the box and click on subscribe button then your email was went their and after you got a message from that site something like > 'thanks for subscribe'

so friends, rather we explained with an example that what is Email Marketing? so let's move on.!

How to do Email Marketing?

i hope almost, you has understand that what is email marketing now you will learn that how to do this? email marketing is done by sending email. but there have terms and condition to do this work. guess what? all this is done on the large scale like sednng 10,000+ plus email in one time.

guys let i tell you that what is Email software and what is your email marketing?

Email Marketing Software :- this is a software that allows email to be sent to thousand of people at ones time. which is use much more companies,and this software name is MailChimp.

Email List :- This is list of many active user's email address. this list is used to send email people to their email address. 

one more thing is more important except email marketing software list email list. that one theme. Means whatever you send email to your client then how it will look design of that email theme. email design depends on which type of service or product you provide to your client. 

so guys there 3 most important thing to use email marketing. Email maketing software, email list, email theme. and you can also make sure with help of email marketing software, that how many emails we have to sent in one day or one week.

The benefits of email marketing.?

so guys there are many advantage to do email marketing. whatever it may be that email marketing brought more visitors to your online store, or comes good enough traffic on your site/blog. let guys below i will share with you all advantage one by one of email marketing.

1. Email marketing can be done very less money than traditional marketing. and this is more better than tradintional marketing.

2. you can easily fast promote your product in low time. you can share fast your product with much more peoples in low time.

3. you just have to need only laptop/computer to do email marketing. it means, you can do it with your budget.

4. In email marketing you can know all about of your audience. means, you can know easily whats the hobby of your clients, whats they want, what is age their, etc.

5. when will you email marketing then you van know that how many people come to your website by click through your email. and how many people buy anything from your online store. something like about you can know easily by email marketing.

guys there are too many advantage of email marketing. if you will go in this feild then you will know easily everything of this about.

so guys i hope as i did share with you about the email marketing that you understand easily. and if you like this then share with your friends and also share on the social medias. if you feel something wrong in this article then please tell me below in the comment box.

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